Rich Stone

Born as Richard Rich Steinmetz, I have now most fun creating serverless JavaScript products, mixing up the Ruby on Rails community and coaching fellow developers.

Coach Profile: 

Fun Fact

Rich knows 4 human languages, which is the same amount as the industries he worked in. And the same amount as the countries he lived in.

Making things work is awesome!

I am the creator and blogger at, where you will find great content about building web applications and getting started as a full stack developer.

I coach developers to find a job and optionally help them relocating to 🇪🇸  Spain 🇪🇸  or 🇩🇪  Germany 🇩🇪  with less hassle.

Currently, I am mixing up the Ruby (on Rails) community to hack away most effectively at my new job at an awesome social enterprise.

There is also a sales-ready prototype at for one of my ingenious ideas that I've built up from scratch with the serverless-stack (AWS, Seed CI/CD, Node, React)

If you'd like to know more about my tech career, I even have a "profile" on LinkedIn

... and an old blog with, sometimes overly creative, tech writing ... ....

If you'd like to know more about my pre-tech career, you'd have to buy me a beetroot juice somewhere in Barcelona.

It's a weird combination but I am an emoji heavy user and father. It's on average 1 emoji per 50 words, which is way too much for 30 years old person. It's also 1 kid which feels  like 3.15 (in terms of effort AND joy)

experienced with these stack

We'll work out the best stack for your needs

An explosive mix of serverless AWS, CI/CD, Node.js and a React frontend on Netlify