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Best learning experiences take place in a structured environment. Here you will find some exclusive 1:1 help packages for you to take off with your next big challenge! 🚀

Crush Your Developer Job Applications

Rich Stone
Why You Need This Package

You are about to complete a coding bootcamp, a university course, or your self-study-program? Damn, there are so many questions on how, where, when, and why you should apply. 

Getting a new job in software development is a big project and consists of many different parts.

The time has come to clear your doubts and get the most out of your next day job! (even if it's your very first)

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Create Your Production-Ready Full Stack App

Rich Stone
Why You Need This Package

Web apps are a great way to learn software engineering, to stand out from the crowd, and to build something useful on the way. 

Here is the place to create something great with engineering best practices in mind from the beginning.

This will also be an awesome portfolio byte if you are currently looking for your first developer job.

Given the modern stack and its strong community in the back, it will greatly improve in any step of your career.

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