Coaching Package

Crush Your Developer Job Applications

Last update: 
June 6, 2020
Coach Overview

Why this package?

You are about to complete a coding bootcamp, a university course, or your self-study-program? Damn, there are so many questions on how, where, when, and why you should apply. 

Getting a new job in software development is a big project and consists of many different parts.

The time has come to clear your doubts and get the most out of your next day job! (even if it's your very first)

what you will learn

This program is all about figuring out your purpose, choose the right direction, and company type for it.

Depending on your goals and experience you'll need to master many fundamentals…

  • smart applications
  • getting yourself in a good spot
  • telling a story
  • marketing and presenting yourself 
  • working on your network
  • creating and presenting your resume
  • passing HR people
  • crushing coding challenges
  • passing technical interviews
  • navigating the financial talks
  • understanding pair programming interviews
  • learning from failed applications

how we'll do it

We should stay in touch about 1-2 per week with each other. In every session, we first reflect on what happened so far.

Then, we solve current challenges and practice what you need most at the moment. Lastly, we set goals and tasks until the next session.



Ideally, you'll already have enough understanding of programming to work in a software team. But no worries, getting into software development even works if you don't have professional experience yet.


It's hard to tell how quickly someone will get a job because it depends on so many factors. How much effort do you put in marketing yourself, practicing, and applying?

We should meet regularly with 1 or 2 sessions per week.


There will be homework depending on your current state of applications. There is a saying that applying is a part-time job if you take it seriously. I hope you do ;)


Understanding your purpose and set up your direction will be the first step.

Defining a strategy for applying means setting parameters for important questions like job search frequency and places, reaching out tactics, company types, etc.

Then, technical practice will include practicing actual interviews or coding challenges.

You will also have direct access to the coach via the Slack channel for in-between questions.

We will work together on this project using an awesome project management tool to keep track of your work, tasks, and goals.


Don't let your next job be a result of random events! Prepare for it and let me help you to make the best out of it.

Everything set up? Then let's go!