Coaching Package

Create Your Production-Ready Full Stack App

Last update: 
June 6, 2020
Coach Overview

Why this package?

Web apps are a great way to learn software engineering, to stand out from the crowd, and to build something useful on the way. 

Here is the place to create something great with engineering best practices in mind from the beginning.

This will also be an awesome portfolio byte if you are currently looking for your first developer job.

Given the modern stack and its strong community in the back, it will greatly improve in any step of your career.

what you will learn

You will build a serverless full stack application with a production-ready CI/CD pipeline.

Your React.js frontend will have all the fundamental elements, authentication and a communication with your serverless DB at the very least like this.

You will have understood the concepts of a serverless web app and practiced collaborative programming on GitHub.

If you put some thought into preparing your project, you might even have a truly useful application in the end.

how we'll do it

First we will narrow down a project idea that we will be focusing on.

Then you will go through a detailed tutorial guided by the coach on every step.

We would practice collaboration as it would work in such a project and discuss every important topic in detail. 

In the end you will have a working application.



Ideally, you already have experience with backend and frontend web app projects. Maybe you’ve gone through extensive web app tutorials or you’ve mastered all the available quick starts. 

In any case, with enough dedication you’ll fight through this package even with less experience because of its guided nature and all the support on all fronts. 


If we put in at least 2 sessions per week and you do the work on your own, you’ll have the first version of your application in about 5 weeks. However, it's totally fine if you take your time and spread the sessions over a slightly longer period of time.


Depending on your level, you’ll probably need to make at least 10 hours of FOCUSED working time per week on your own. 


We set you up, practice, and discuss your progress in regular coaching sessions. 

You will also have direct access to the coach via the Slack channel.

You'll also be proposed with a project management pipeline and learn a few things about it here and there.


Creating a production-ready web app is fun but really challenging. Let's do it together!

Everything set up? Then let's go!